Now on sale!! LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

Now on sale!! LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

Second round of schoolgirl Sticker that can be used in everyday New appeared in English!
Schoolgirl second edition ! Her two disease among you would cheat at inconvenient and medium two pathological behavior . After last contract . I come with much.

Currently , it is under review.

Characteristics of the LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

Series is the second edition!

” After all, high school girls love ! ” Became a girl in two disease !

Please do signed her contract of two disease in all means !

I drew likely sticker use in everyday . It is recommended for those who want to be a kitchen two disease.

Sticker of use image

It is used image of “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”.

” Easy to use everyday ! ” Is making it the theme of the Sticker .

Usage , so variously application will listen , Please check it .


Sticker List of “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”