LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

Second round of schoolgirl Sticker that can be used in everyday New appeared in English!
Schoolgirl second edition ! Her two disease among you would cheat at inconvenient and medium two pathological behavior . After last contract . I come with much.

Currently , it is under review.

Characteristics of the LINE Sticker “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

Series is the second edition!

” After all, high school girls love ! ” Became a girl in two disease !

Please do signed her contract of two disease in all means !

I drew likely sticker use in everyday . It is recommended for those who want to be a kitchen two disease.

Sticker of use image

It is used image of “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”.

” Easy to use everyday ! ” Is making it the theme of the Sticker .

Usage , so variously application will listen , Please check it .


Sticker List of “Chunibyo girlfriend Sticker EN”

The following is a line Sticker will be released that we have produced !


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